Labour Day Picnic

On Monday, September 4th at the Alice and Fraser Recreation Centre we had our annual Labour Day Picnic!

Some folks from Haven Baptist Church in Ottawa were in attendance as well. This year’s main course was pulled pork along with salads and some tasty desserts. At our yearly picnic each family brings a jar with some fun and interesting items.  We play a guessing game to see who can guess closest to the actual number. This year we had 9 winners for 13 jars!

We also have a baseball game every year while the smaller children play some games arranged by our ladies in the church. This year, however, the outdoor activities were rained out. A number of people played some board games and others just enjoyed a time of fellowship. Overall  it was another successful picnic. We look forward to next year’s picnic on Monday, September 3rd held once again at the Alice & Fraser Recreation Centre. Bring your ball glove and be ready for a great day!


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