About Us

Faith Baptist Church began in the summer of 2004 with two families who desired to see an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Preaching Baptist Church started in their community. These two families had been disturbed by the rapidly declining standards in the churches available in Pembroke, and so, by faith, stepped out and met in the home of one of the two families for about two years. During those two years these faithful folks prayed that God would send someone to their community with a burden to start a church.

On June 27th, 2004, Pastor Carl Morgan and his family came to Pembroke, after having met with the two families and felt that God had called them to start Faith Baptist Church. The first Sunday these three families met in the home of one of the two families, and on the next Sunday they started meeting at 182 MacKay Street in Pembroke.

Faith Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church, which means we take the Bible literally and use it as our sole rule for faith and practice. God has spoken to man by His Word, the Bible, and we believe that one can build their life upon the solid foundation of God’s Word, and trust their eternal future to its sound teaching.

In this day and time where so many are compromising and are confused we have found that the Authorized King James version of the Bible is the only version which offers us a true and solid foundation for truth. The sound manuscript evidence, precise translation, the historical record and God’s own promise to preserve His eternal Word all bear witness to us that this is truly the Word of God.

What began as two families has grown over the years and continues to grow as we see folks added to our number. We are praying that the LORD would guide us to a more suitable facility for the future as we continue to grow. If you are looking for a church that still preaches from the King James Bible and sings the old hymns and loves to praise and worship the LORD our Saviour then maybe Faith Baptist Church could be a place you could call “home”!